SD-WAN Early Market Leader hosts Technical Training Series




SD-WAN Early Market Leader Hosts Technical Training Series

Meriplex Communications is proud to host an interactive two-part technical training on VeloCloud SD-WAN to bring more awareness and education around this technology for Network Professionals.

SD-WAN technology is changing the way companies design and manage their networks to meet market shifts through the consolidation of major carriers and the demand for higher bandwidth to access cloud-based applications. As businesses move from storing applications in their data center and headquarters to accessing across multiple online platforms, such as AWS, Amazon, Salesforce, and Oracle, dedicated MPLS becomes ineffective and too expensive to satisfy enterprise network requirements.

SD-WAN is the solution that bridges this gap and brings all parts together by building an intelligent network that connects multiple platforms, controls Quality of Service while providing detailed visibility to your network performance delivery.

In an effort to introduce and deepen understanding of this technology among network administrators, analysts, technicians, and professionals, Meriplex Communications is offering two 90-minute sessions covering Design Network Concepts & Requirements and Architecting Profiles & Policies in face-to-face interactive sessions. As an early market leader in VeloCloud NSX SD-WAN Technology, Meriplex partnered with VeloCloud in 2016 to add the SD-WAN technology to its network customers seeking a more advanced and efficient alternative to MPLS.

SD-WAN Early Market Leader Hosts Technical Training Series

Session 2: Architecting Profile & Policies
Thursday, Sept 27, 2018 from 11:30 AM - 1 PM
Limited Seating!
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For more information about the SD-WAN training opportunities or for guidance on how this technology applies to your environment, please connect with us to coordinate a session with one of our Principal Technologists.


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